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Men are looking to freshen up their wardrobes that have laid dormant for a year. It's time put on a tie. Not because you have to. But because you want to.What's wrong with looking elegant again..

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Anthony T. New York Video: The Case for Ties

It was 2009 when this video was shot for ANTHONY T. NEW YORK collection. He was know as the "Tieman Cometh". In the video you'll see his assortment of colors and textures in the neckwear; bowties and squares. All presented in a vintage suitcase. The same passion that was celebrated 10-years ago, is still being celebrated with the  FINICKEY collection.   #happyanniversary

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 Where just a week away from Christmas. With still some shopping to be had. I'm consulting clients who are looking to purchase a tie as a gift for a husband; son-in-law; fiancee' or a "finicky" father. I've always felt that ties are personal. It represents your mood or your style. When it comes to me selecting a tie, yes I look to the FINICKEY collection but it revolves around my state of being in which I would select to wear with my wardrobe.   When one is looking for a tie as a gift unless they specify, a particular tie like an Hermes. I recommend an uncomplicated tie with a little "pop".  The "pop" in a tie can be as...

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It All Started Way Back When....

  I began my journey into menswear about 25 years ago.  My influence has been the style of the “Elegant American Gentleman” - the man who is well-dressed and invests time and money into his wardrobe.  He doesn’t subscribe to a script on dressing well, he’s “Finicky”.  This has been my influence when I  started developing the our menswear  collection.        I have been fortunate to have worked for some of the iconic men’s retailers and designers, it’s from those experiences that influenced my entrepreneurial passion of having my the collection showcased here at .  I started my first collection with a handmade neckwear collection under the label Anthony T. New York.  It was a wholesale line selling to men’s specialty shops...

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