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Our new make the "Swing-Tie."  We've re-designed the shape of the tie that was a popular during the jazz era of 1940's and 50's. Ties worn by the likes of Ellington; Basie and Dorsey. Those ties were short and narrow. Those ties swung during the sets played by these musicians. Today we still love listening to the jazz music of that era, but we have to update the look in the tie. So, with our "Swing-Tie", we celebrate the music and style by through making our ties with archival and vintage fabrics. Made in USA and by hand. The shape is flared both front and tail end. Hand-sewn tipping.    "It Don't Mean A Thing, If Don't Have That Swing"

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It All Started Way Back When....

  I began my journey into menswear about 25 years ago.  My influence has been the style of the “Elegant American Gentleman” - the man who is well-dressed and invests time and money into his wardrobe.  He doesn’t subscribe to a script on dressing well, he’s “Finicky”.  This has been my influence when I  started developing the our menswear  collection.        I have been fortunate to have worked for some of the iconic men’s retailers and designers, it’s from those experiences that influenced my entrepreneurial passion of having my the collection showcased here at .  I started my first collection with a handmade neckwear collection under the label Anthony T. New York.  It was a wholesale line selling to men’s specialty shops...

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