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Men are looking to freshen up their wardrobes that have laid dormant for a year. It's time put on a tie. Not because you have to. But because you want to.What's wrong with looking elegant again..

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FINICKEY in Philadelphia

“Neckwear is art,” says Anthony T. Kirby or at least his Instagram persona @Finickey does. I’m skeptical.  Traditionally, a tie was a thick strip of fabric knotted at the neck, a leash and collar all-in-one, metaphorically binding a man to his job, his house of worship, his place in society. It served—forgive the pun—as a knot-so-subtle reminder of a gentleman’s obligations in life.

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When agility is the ultimate power tie

Anthony T. Kirby, owner of Finickey, has perfected the art of re-inventing himself. In junior high school, he wanted to be a long-haul truck driver. By the time he got to high school, however, he had done a 180-degree turn and decided he loved fashion. He longed to be one of the “cool, sharp-dressed kids,” but his mom didn’t want to support his clothing habit. So he took part-time jobs to fund his dress. “That’s how I eventually got into the menswear industry,” Kirby said. 

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