Where just a week away from Christmas. With still some shopping to be had. I'm consulting clients who are looking to purchase a tie as a gift for a husband; son-in-law; fiancee' or a "finicky" father. I've always felt that ties are personal. It represents your mood or your style. When it comes to me selecting a tie, yes I look to the FINICKEY collection but it revolves around my state of being in which I would select to wear with my wardrobe.

  When one is looking for a tie as a gift unless they specify, a particular tie like an Hermes. I recommend an uncomplicated tie with a little "pop".  The "pop" in a tie can be as simple as a solid tie in colors like royal purple; steel blue or old gold. A patterned tie could be a two-bar stripe or elegant neat. One way to determine the idea tie as a gift for someone, is to observe the ties they wear whether at work; church or occasions where you have to dress your best. This would give you an idea of his personal neckwear style. 

   Ties make great gifts. With so many choices of tie designs from traditional to conversational, nasty to nice you'll find the right one to fit his personality or mood.  Always remember it's a gift. It's the thought of giving someone a tie that matters.


  neckwear: FINICKEY

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